Remove the YouTube Strike Against Kocayine

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Kocayine is a channel which uploads various music videos usually from the Yugoslav wars. They have become famous for the "Remove Kebab" video, a Serbian war song. However the content on this channel was far beyond just this, cataloging, sharing, and carefully translating the lyrics to many rare, historically valuable wartime music videos from each of the former Yugoslavian nations - Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and others. Most of these cannot be found elsewhere on Youtube, and not only allow people around the world today to enjoy these often poignant, beautiful, and thought-provoking songs, but also provide important insight into the confusing circumstances of the Yugoslav wars. The influence of this channel has spread globally, and even the musicians featured like Rodoljub "Roki" Vulović have noted the fame as fans from all over the globe reach out. The historical, cultural, and educational importance of Kocayine's channel is clear.
However, today the channel has been terminated completely, citing violations of YouTube's Community Guidelines. Due to the unique and valuable nature of this channel's content we believe the strike should be reversed.

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