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Reinstate the ThegnThrand YouTube Channel (RESOLVED!)

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The YouTube Channel Thegn Thrand conducts tests of medieval weapons and armor for educational and entertainment purposes and has recently been unjustly terminated by YouTube with no warning or communication. The termination was triggered by two older videos on his channel that were deemed to promote unsafe practices. In truth, the videos in question explore the historical reality of certain combative practices, specifically ninja fire techniques and 13th century firepots. Even with this historical and educational validation for the videos in question, the channel's host (Thrand) would have happily removed the videos to avoid the termination of his YouTube channel. All YouTube needed to do was contact him about the matter. Instead his channel was terminated with no forewarning.

Thrand's content is fun, educational and in no way deserves to be terminated. We hope this petition will see ThegnThrand's Youtube channel reinstated and create further protection and consideration within YouTube for the other medieval weapon and armor channels.

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