Google: Include the entire Caribbean in YouTube's Partner Program

Google: Include the entire Caribbean in YouTube's Partner Program

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Content Creators of Trinidad and Tobago have been trying to make their way into the international market with videos and other posts. This is currently accomplished through Facebook and Instagram, and that has helped tremendously. But unlike YouTube, these platforms don't pay to create.

We need Google to monetize Youtube in the Caribbean. YES! Even though this petition is coming from a creator in Trinidad and Tobago, we stand with the Lesser Antilles, the Greater Antilles, CARICOM and all the other bodies that represent the people of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean, which largely depends on the tourist market, is not represented in YouTube's Partner Programme. This is an invaluable tool that will expose the world to the diversity of people in the Caribbean, our culture, arts, food, architecture, nature, environment and so much more. Not to mention the more known aspects the Islands; our beaches and Carnival. 

Currently the YouTube markets on our side of the planet are listed as, and are limited to: 

  • North America: Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, United States. 
  • South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay.

We need a Caribbean category added to this list. Although we are part of the global community, our islands are not part of North, South or Central America, and as a region we are more often than not overlooked. We may be small individually, but together we make up a great part of the planet and we are no less worthy of international audiences. 

I would hope that our governments would see the benefit of this as well. We millennials are not all doctors, lawyers and engineers; we are entertainers, artists and  DIY influencers. This would mean that individuals can contribute knowledge and entertainment to a wide audience, while earning legitimate income. YouTube can help discourage young adults and teenagers from picking up guns and selling drugs, and start a trend of them picking up a phone and posting to create an income. 

One recent success story in this cyber-battle has been Malta, a member of the EU, who only just became a viable YouTube Partner with 6,183 signatures on their petition, which was started in May 2019. I'm hoping that we can triple this count and get Google to hear us sooner rather than later.

With Covid 19 preventing many of us from earning traditional forms of income, YouTube can change that easily. Caribbean creatives are no slouches when it comes to their craft. We know that building a YouTube following doesn't happen over night (unless you're really lucky) but with the added monetary incentive, you will see an explosion of content streaming out into the world wide web. 

Next on the list of platforms to monetize in the Caribbean; Facebook and Instagram. But one battle at a time. 

I hope you sign, I hope they listen and I hope we can make difference. Please let me know if there are any points that I missed out that can strengthen this plight going forward. 


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