October 9, 2019
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Started by Karin Smythe

Hello everyone! 
As you all know our goodlife norwest location is being converted to a fitforless in 30 days. Staff & members were not notified properly as of this past Monday Oct 7th. 
I am starting this petition to try & save our location by stating some facts as to why this will not help our west end community. 
By switching to a FFL we will be losing all classes & trainers. 
Staff & members do not want to travel downtown to our other location, simply because it’s out of our way. Hence why we are members of the west end location. 
FFL offers no classes or trainers. There for putting our staff out of jobs as well as members wanting the guidance to a better well being of life. 
The downtown location does not have wheel chair accessibility. Some of our members will not be able to have full access to the downtown location. 
Many of our members have beautiful families, there for our jump room allows them to take care of themselves while we watch their children. No other gym provides childcare. 
There are many more reasons to why we need to voice our opinion but I’m running out of space. 
This location means so much to our members, a second home & family. 
Many of us look at this gym as our safe place. Our go to to recharge & rejuvenate. To do what we need to do & walk out feeling good & saying we’ve got this! Sure it’s just a gym to many, but to most of us it’s a family 

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Signatures: 1,105Next Goal: 1,500
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