Demand GOLDEN STATE WATER- STOP Using Groundwater with Perchlorate

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Golden State Water (GSW) is using two groundwater wells in Simi Valley, California, for local drinking water…the problem is that these wells are only miles away from one of America’s worst nuclear meltdowns, the Santa Susana Field Lab.

As Golden State Water customers, we are demanding that they stop using Simi Valley ground water.

Perchlorate, which has been found in Simi Valley groundwater, is an endocrine-disrupting chemical that is particularly bad for the thyroid and brain development of children. The California Water Board recognizes this and that is why they are recommending the standard be changed from 6ppb to 1ppb to adequately protect pregnant women and children. The World Health Organization is also saying that women and children are deficient in iodine. A deficiency in iodine would be incredibly problematic in an area that has been plagued with an environmental nuclear disaster. This would mean that at the level of perchlorate in the water today, women and children are not being adequately protected. And because Perchlorate also affects the uptake of iodine into the body, it’s especially important to ensure their thyroid is protected. Therefore, it’s warranted to be precautionary in this situation. If Golden State stopped using groundwater from Simi Valley wells, this issue would be solved.

Simi Valley residents are concerned for their children attending the 16 schools who use Golden State Water, for those who eat at local restaurants, and swim at the YMCA pool.

 The people of Simi Valley feel absolutely no comfort in Golden State Water testing only for natural and standard contamination, because there is nothing natural about living miles from a nuclear meltdown.

In a community with so many environmental hazards, it’s warranted to demand the Golden State Water Company use the utmost precaution and stop mixing  groundwater into drinking water to protect the women and children of the district.