Global Well Being Index

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In order for humanity to evolve according to its potential and civilization to better advance, life essentials and necessities of people, families, communities, societies must be well provided and established and humanity or sentience common habitat well protected for present as well as future generations. There are many alternatives, however one of the most meaningful and effective solution is to establish a national as well as a global Well Being Index. The Well Being Index should be dynamically based on individual as well global collective aspirations, emancipation and dreams of people, families, communities, societies and humanity to advance well being and the common good. The Well Being Index would also serve as beneficial and effective tools for government and civil societies to collective analyze, manage, transform and advance societies for the better good of all.  

Presently, Happiness Index are being used in many nations as tools of developing better means and environment for better living. However, the present global Happiness Index lack the essence of such as environment rights, life meanings and purposes, aspirations of a good life, emancipation of a better life, the vision of a better world and humanity and more or less focus on the parts rather on the whole. Happiness can be disguised, exaggerated or state of mind. Happiness can be also due to naiveness (also an attribute for happiness), unconsciousness or unawareness. People can be happy on the sufferings of others or while other suffers. Therefore, happiness is more subjective and does not imply well being and can be difficult to formalize and characterize. Well being parameters would include such as wealthy and health environment, good habitat, well developed physically and mentally, good nutrition, knowledgeable, intellect, freedom, democracy, peace, harmony, non-violence, meanings and purposes of existence, collective consciousness and awareness and the common good. Thus well being is more objective which can imply happiness and is much easier and realistic to formalize and characterize. The Happiness Index can be transformed or included in a Well Being Index with additional structures, categories or parameters that would include and emphasize such as:

* The Happiness Index presently focus more on the individual person or nation. In an interdependent-interconnect world, this should be based on individual person as well as collective individual, communities and national aspirations, emancipation and dreams..

* The present Happiness Index analyze or evaluate the parts and not the whole. Again, in an interdependent-interconnect world, this is inadequate or can be deceptive or an illusion. A simple analogy would be in the case of environment pollution, destruction and climate change would could affect the health, wealth and well being of present as well as future generations. However, based on the present Happiness Index, many people living in well developed nations would claim to be happy despite the sources of much environment  pollution and destruction are results of developed nations development and way of life. In this case, claiming to be happy while the well being of people in developing nations and well being of future generations (in all nations) are being threaten by such as diseases, toxic, pollution, global warming and climate change could be considered strange, irrational or indifference. This simple illustration can be also done by substituting pollution and environment destruction with energy such as ethanol produced from food such as corn, beet and sugar while several billions of global citizens are suffering from hunger or malnutrition. Happy while dependency on fossil fuel energy are sources or causes of much global oppression, exploitation, sufferings, conflicts and human rights as well as environment rights violations can also be considered abnormal or lack of sensitivity. 

* Well Being is much more of an objective and tangible Index while Happiness Index is more of a subjective and psychological index. Happiness can be spontaneous or unconscious and unaware of events, environment and sufferings. Therefore, the Well Being Index would be easier to standardize, effectively analyze and realize.

* Well Being Index is long term life cycle care and nurturing for sentience and its habitat which should include pre-birth to beyond the after life needs (well being life cycle and spiritual aspects) and essentials while Happiness Index can be a short term, spontaneous or emotional evaluation. Happiness Index can mask out many social issues or problems, in particularly, on the global scale. A well nourished, healthy, intellect and mindful being can easily be distinguished from a mal-nourished or oppressed person.

* Happiness Index does not include enough aspects such as universal human rights and environment rights and life meanings, purposes and the common good. Also, the structures and parameters should also reflect the aspects of law, ethics and civility such UN conventions and international treaties for possibilities of productive, quality and meaningful life.

* The Happiness Index categories and structures are more individualistic evaluation efforts. While structures or categories for a well developed and comprehensive Well Being Index would systematically or naturally embedded parameters to foster and promote consciousness and awareness and the common good throughout communities, societies or globally.

* A comprehensive and proper developed Well Being Index would require the active participation of all societies entities such as government, institutions, business, industry, communities, families and people. And, therefore, it is an inclusive, collective and mindful approach and would encourage and foster accountability, responsibility and participation. Well Being Index is both a bottom up as well a top down approaches for civilized societies while the Happiness Index can just be a top down social approach.

* A well developed, dynamic, effective, comprehensive and mindful Well Being Index would much expediently, effectively and comprehensively advance democracy, liberty, justice, equality, rule of law, inclusiveness, diversity, peace, harmony, prosperity, security, the common good and well being.

* A well developed, dynamic, effective, comprehensive and mindful Well Being Index would greatly be useful and effective tools and statistics for the construction of Global Governance institutions and infrastructures.

* The Well Being Index can provide humanity with far better vision of life and the future.

We strongly urge the US government to support and collaborate with civil societies, institutions and communities in building a national Well Being Index to properly or better support, serve and sustain  the aspirations, emancipation and needs of people, families, communities and the nation and to advance the common good and life meaningful dimensions.

We also urge the US government to support and collaborate with the UN and global alliance to build a Global Well Being Index for long lasting benefits to sentience and sentience humanity common habitat. The efforts could be included as part the UN and alliance initiative in building a Global Governance since the parameters and structures would strengthen, complement, advance and reflect UN charter, values, principles, conventions, international treaties and Millennium Goals very well.