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Global War or Global Unity ?

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Aylan Kurdi , a 3 year old Syrian boy who fled the civil war in his country with his family, was washed ashore on a Turkish beach. Every day, children, women, men meet this terrible fate.

What is unfolding on Europe’s doorstep today is a migration crises unparalleled in recent history. It is a humanitarian crises beyond measure.

The death toll continues to rise with the surging number of people risking their lives to reach Europe. It is a tragedy how many drown at sea or suffocate in trucks. Children are separated from their parents, lives are shattered.

What the world is witnessing today might well become the worst migration and humanitarian crisis since World War II.

We cannot not remain passive.

But what can be done?

There is no way around addressing the root causes of this migration. Unless we address the roots to the crisis, we are only offering cosmetic solutions.
Yes, if we want to stop the growing wave of migrants, we must take quick and more decisive action to end extreme poverty.  Poverty and injustice fuel conflict and conflict destroys everything.

A solution exists.  

We call on world leaders to step up investment in basic social goods. 

A Marshall Plan for social infrastructure such food, water, sanitation, basic medicines, health systems and education is needed to break the vicious circle of poverty-violence-civil war-poverty.

I can see those who argue that money alone has never solved anything. I am, too, against pure financial assistance. But I also know there can be no market economy if children die before the age of five or suffer from irreversible brain damage due to under-nutrition or if mothers die at birth. 

In September, at the United Nations, the international community will launch the new "Sustainable Development Goals”. Many nice speeches will be made. But where is the money to implement these goals? It does not exist.

Who takes care the financing required? No one.

New funding mechanisms must be created.
 I call them "innovative financing mechanisms" to fight against extreme poverty.
They already exists but more must be done. A levy of only 1€ per airline ticket in 12 countries around the world has raised more than US$ 2 billion for an organisation called UNITAID, saving hundreds of millions lives from epidemics.  It is completely painless for the state and for the airlines. In the same way, the Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) could generate US$400 billion to eradicate poverty. This is suitable to finance the kind of Marshall Plan I have in mind.
Future generations will look back at us and ask why we did not use all the means that the global economy offers today, to fight extreme poverty. 

We petition the heads of state of the G20 to use the opportunity of the United Nations General Assembly in September to agree on expanding  innovative financing to fight extreme poverty and to solve the migrant crisis. 

Allocate 50% of the FTT to poverty alleviation. 

Participate in the air ticket levy. 

Participate in the extractive industry levy.
If we are millions of human beings coming together to end extreme poverty, the biggest injustice of the 21st century, they will be forced to act.




Philippe Douste-Blazy


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