Global Governance For Global Community

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It has been approximately 65 years since the UN was founded and 62 years since the Declaration of Universal Human Rights was adopted. Since then, the world remains much in chaos, conflicts, violence, inequality, unjustice and sufferings. With global warming and climate change; environment degradation, pollution and exploitation: and population growth issues; urgent actions are required to prevent sufferings or degradation of civilization. The nature of problems in an interdependent-interconnect world require diverse and effective solutions. However, key solutions are the advancement and enforcement of rule of law; advancement and promotion of sciences; innovative and proper technology applications; good and non-corrupt governance, fair, just and humane institutions and infrastructures, creative and efficient management and distribution of resources; effective population management and global cooperation. Since the magnitude and complexcity of issues are great, tremendous and sincere global efforts and collaboration are required to provide and implement global solutions. Therefore we hereby urge the United States to support the UN and global community to collectively and responsibly advance common causes for common good.


Please be mindful that the petition is for a World Governance and not a World Government. A World Governance structure is nations and states collectively govern democratically (can adapt many of the  EU and EU nations and US and States structures) while a World Government is more of a central authority.


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