Boycott Chinese goods to stop Yulin Dog meat "Festival"

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Recently a global petition, with approximately 11 million signatures protesting the dog meat slaughter "festival" in Yulin, was rejected by the Chinese Embassy in London. They refused to accept the petition! Now we need to put pressure on China's President Xi Jinping, and the embassy by boycotting Chinese goods! China is a major benefactor in exports. Most countries use an enormous amount of Chinese made products which leads to supply and demand. It's time to stop buying their supplies and demand they stop the slaughter of animals in their Yulin Festival! It will be hard... but I believe by slowing their economy, we can force them to show leadership. Leadership by protecting the welfare of both people and animals. Check labels, see where products are made! Sign this petition as a promise to the Chinese government that the well being of the animals IS important and until they show initiative and shut the festival down, we will not stop! Show them that they cannot silence the 11 million that signed previously! One person can make a difference! Help me change their minds, together we can save them all!