Allow the homeless to self isolate in hotel rooms

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This is a petition to pressurise further and faster action on protecting the homeless in Scotland, as they are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. According to the government statistics available [1] there are around 18,000 people who may be at risk in this situation. 

With most high street stores and restaurants closing as well as the UK wide lockdown that was announced yesterday, this is directly going to impact the homeless. There will not be foot traffic throughout the cities and the homeless will not be able to get the donations they require to purchase accomodation. While there may be volunteers doing outreach, we need direct action from higher up to ensure the safety of these vulnerable members of society who cannot self isolate, are exposed to others constantly, and who may not have adequate supplies or facilities to practice appropriate hygiene. 

There have been reports of shelters closing due to positive COVID19 cases, [2] and it should be a matter of urgency that homeless people are given access to spaces they can self isolate, with cleaning facilities that are not shared with others. 

In London, the homeless were given the opportunity to self isolate in hotels. [3]

"In practical terms, protecting the UK’s population of homeless people and rough sleepers by offering safe space to self-isolate means that up to 45,000 “self-contained accommodation spaces” need to be urgently found.

Empty hotels have been pinpointed as a ready-made solution because they have separate cleaning facilities and rooms, and can be leased by the government using funding allocated to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Modelling by University College London found that placing vulnerable groups in hotels was also significantly more cost effective than treating individuals in hospital."

It was promised that there would be a further announcement on this but it has not happened yet. Until there is a further announcement, this petition has been created to raise awareness on this issue. Below is also a link on what people can do in the mean time to help the homeless if they can.