Koala habitat being logged right now & fires aren't even out!

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As this is being written, critically important and un-burnt koala habitat is being logged by NSW Forestry Corporation in northern NSW!   The fires aren't even out and the smoke is still at harmful levels.  This is a monumental catastrophe and needs to be stopped immediately.  Why can't the remaining koalas be given some respite in an area that contains all the health & welfare requirements they need?  This is an inhumane and callous act by both the logging company and the NSW Govt.   Other native wildlife, which are vital parts of their ecosystems need to to be given a reprieve also!  All logging in koala habitat needs to cease now! 

News from Nature Conservation Council NSW: The areas that are affected are in Gladstone State Forest (lower Kalang Valley – the subject of the news report) and Clouds Creek State Forest (some of which was devastated by the fires) – both koala habitat forests, and they have logging machinery in Newry state forest (logging has not yet commenced). Despite ecologists seeing this logging first hand there is no logging scheduled on the FCNSW lists.


Here’s a news report  - https://www.prime7.com.au/news/19688-logging-concerns?fbclid=IwAR084wl9nL9mj3mWQx6E_cHfl3oriZU5EydhCbGa_yZPk62I2NzTXspmav8 The Mayor of Bellingen Cr Dominic King is featured in the news report and has been actively pushing for a moratorium on logging since the fires started.


Please sign the petition started by the Nature Conservation Council - https://www.nature.org.au/


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