Save Carriageworks! Creative and cultural spaces are more important than ever.

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Save Carriageworks! Creative and cultural spaces are more important than ever.

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This action, and the building Carriageworks - resides on the land of the Gadigal and Wangal people of the Eora Nation. Their sovereignty has not yet been ceded.

Carriageworks is Australia’s largest multi-arts precinct, an iconic and vital cultural centre and meeting place. For years it has been home to many of Australia’s leading and groundbreaking artists, the site of the beloved weekly Farmer’s Markets and host to some of the world’s most recognisable public figures.

This week, Carriageworks was unable to secure its regular funding from the NSW Government and as a result has had to go into voluntary administration.

We cannot let this be the end. We cannot let Carriageworks be the ‘canary in the mine’ for Australia’s devastated artistic and cultural landscape. Glady Berejiklian as the acting arts minister and NSW premier needs to offer comprehensive support to the arts community during the coronavirus shutdown, starting with providing Carriageworks with some financial security.

Carriageworks means a great deal to artists and audiences. Losing it due to the coronavirus shutdown would be a devastating blow to the arts ecology, not to mention Sydney's already vulnerable cultural scene.

We do not want Carriageworks to disappear, be taken over by larger companies and corporations, or be made to surrender it’s curatorial self determination.

We want a creative and cultural Arts Stimulus Package to be introduced by the NSW government to save this iconic building, and have it re-open stronger and more uniquely ‘Carriageworks’ than ever.

Let’s combine our voices to put pressure on the NSW Government to step in and save Carriageworks.I am ask anyone who sees this petition to contact Gladys Berejiklian and demand the NSW Government step in:

...and we ask that you copy+paste this and post it alongside a photo of your favourite memory from Carriageworks.

In uniting to save Carriageworks, we are fighting for the broader arts sector and the community that values it. With your help, we can save the arts. We can #SaveCarriageworks

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Carriageworks, I am however a visual art student and I don't want to lose hope for my future!


Pleas sign this petition and help me save Carriageworks!



Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 47,494 supporters!

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