Demand NSW Incinerator approvals be put on hold until proven 100% safe

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Please sign this petition to request the NSW Government prioritise the introduction of a bill in parliament to place a moratorium/hold on Waste to Energy (Rubbish) Incineration approvals until they can be proven to be 100% safe. The aim of this petition is to gain your support in having this matter escalated as a matter of importance on the Business program for the next sitting of parliament.

Currently, there are 3 incinerators proposed for Sydney, 4 in total for NSW. 2 are at Eastern Creek. Both on the same road, in the middle of Western Sydney, close to thousands of households, schools, childcare facilities and hospitals.

The 1st proposal, by The Next Generation, was rejected in 2018 by NSW Independent Planning Commission. Despite this rejection, including objections from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, the Independent Planning Commission, the Environmental Protection Authority and the NSW Department of Health, the Proponent is currently appealing this decision in the NSW Land and Environment Court.
A 2nd proposal by Cleanaway has been announced and the Environmental Impact Statement and proposal is due to be released within the first quarter of 2020.

The Australian Labor Party has publicly demanded that the Berejiklian Government rule out approving this newly proposed $500 million State Significant Development by Cleanaway. They are also demanding an immediate review of the planning rules around incinerators AND a moratorium (stop/halt/hold) on approvals until their impact on pollution and human health is known. However, it is yet to be heard in Parliament.

The Member of Parliament for Campbelltown, the Hon. Mr Greg Warren has given notice that he intends to introduce a private members Bill to amend the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to impose a moratorium on the development of Energy from Waste facilities until the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer is required to investigate and report on appropriate Australian Standards to govern the operation of such facilities.

Whilst this matter has been listed on the Business Paper to come before Parliament, it has yet to be scheduled on the daily Business Program where the motion can be put to introduce the Bill to parliament. Why is this? Because it keeps getting pushed down the list by government politicians who simply deem this less important than other matters and they get programmed ahead of this matter. Please see the extract from the business paper below as this is what the government is delaying and preventing from coming before parliament. As can be seen, the opportunity for this matter to come before parliament will expire on the 17th April 2020.

4. MR GREG WARREN to move— That a bill be introduced for an Act to amend the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to impose a moratorium on the carrying out of development for the purposes of recovering energy from the thermal treatment of waste. (Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Energy from Waste Development Moratorium) Bill). (Notice given 16 October 2019—lapses 17 April 2020)

We need this matter to be heard in Parliament URGENTLY. It needs to heard and subsequently voted on in order for the Moratorium to be placed on Incinerator approvals. We need this in place prior to the NSW Land and Environment Court Conciliation Hearing on the appeal by The Next Generation, set for the end of April 2020.

We thank you for your support.

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