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Gladstone Park Shopping Centre Landlords and

Why this petition matters

Started by David Watson

Gladstone Park Shopping Centre Upgrade.

I’m sure most will agree.

I think it’s time The GP community come to together and try to get our GP Shopping Centre the upgrade it needs.

Hopefully setting up a public petition, will get the attention we need, so that a meeting with our Local MP, Hume City Council and GP Shopping Centre Management can be arranged. They have to be made aware that the residents of the Gladstone Park Community are disgruntled with the state of disarray the GP Shopping Centre is currently in. The community would love to see the shopping centre be given a facelift to bring some life back into the place. It’s time something was done to upgrade the centre because amongst the community there is a real concern of the potential devastation and consequences if the problem of a leaking roof continues to go on and nothing gets done about it.(roof collapse) 

The safety of the General Public and shop tenants is being put at risk due to the pure negligence of landlords and Shopping Centre Management. Please sign and share to our other local community pages because their communities use these facilities too. 

1,014 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!