Relief for Commuters: Ask our Representatives to Support Commuter Benefits

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If you like the idea of less congestion for your commute, more transit benefits, better commuting options, then please read and support this petition: Even if you drive to work by yourself, passage of this bill will help you because less cars will be on the same streets, and more people will be in public transit.

In May of 2014 Florida took a step forward in making our cities friendlier to transit with the introduction of SunRail, and in January of 2015 this country took a step back by decreasing commuter tax benefits for everyone.

Please read the following letter sent to every member of Congress earlier this year. Let's ask our representatives to take action on passing this bill.


Cosponsor H.R. 990, the Commuter Parity Act of 2015 and restore parity for pre-tax commuter benefits for motorists and transit riders

Dear Colleague:
On January 1, 2015, almost 3 million of America’s commuters felt a tax increase because Congress was unable to come to an agreement to permanently extend parity between the parking and transit pre-tax benefits. I ask you to join me in co-sponsoring legislation to fix this problem once and for all. H.R. 990, the Commuter Parity Act of 2015, is a bipartisan solution to permanently establish parity in a revenue-neutral manner.

At the beginning of this year, the transit portion of the transportation fringe benefit fell to $130/month while the parking portion remained at $250/month. The decrease in the transit portion of the commuter benefit resulted in an increased tax burden for workers who utilize public transportation for their daily commutes. For example, a working family that takes advantage of the full allowable monthly pre-tax deduction could pay as much as $750 more next year in federal taxes without legislation to re-establish parity. In effect, the lack of parity creates a financial incentive for Americans to drive to work alone, further crowding our busy roads.

The “Commuter Parity Act” would create a unified cap of $235/month for both parking and transit. In the coming weeks, Congress will have the opportunity to take action to maintain parity in the parking and transit portions of the commuter benefit as it considers important tax-related legislation. We urge you not to forget the millions of commuting Americans that rely on the transit commuter benefit and join us by cosponsoring this bi-partisan legislation. To cosponsor, please contact Jamie Tricarico of my staff at

Member of Congress

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