Add West Papua to the UN Decolonization List at the 2019 General Assembly

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For the past six decades West Papuans have lived within genocidal conditions, experiencing violence, injustice, torture, and gross human rights violations: 

Currently 2,650 Indonesian commandos are hunting down the local freedom-fighters and the Jakarta Government has since banned local churches and NGOs from carrying emergency food, water, and medicine supplies to the victims and the two-thousand displaced indigenous villagers.

In December 2018, reports emerged that the Indonesian Air Force had dropped bombs of white phosphorus, a chemical that burns through skin to the bone, on a number of highland villages.

Even more recently, Indonesian human rights lawyer Veronica Koman has circulated a video showing Indonesian police manipulating a large snake to torture a handcuffed Papuan teenager.

Access by foreign and Indonesian media is restricted, despite President Jokowi's declarations of the contrary, which limits reporting to a few courageous West Papuans with mobile phones. 

Enough is enough. The West Papuans are our closest neighbours. They deserve their freedom and they want their right to self-determination.

We urge the Australian government to support the resolution prepared by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua to list West Papua with the UN Decolonisation Committee.

Today, we ask you to sign your name to a petition to be hand delivered to the Australian Parliament in June 2019 demanding the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Australia to the United Nations be instructed to support the motion being raised in the 2019 United Nations General Assembly in New York this September.

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Petition text:

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled. The petition of the undersigned is regarding the motion that is set to be raised at the 2019 UN General Assembly regarding The West Papuan people and their right to self-determination. Your petitioners request that the Senate instructs the Australian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations to vote in support of this motion in the United Nations General Assembly in September 2019.