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Ninety Five Theses For Justice: a People's Petition for Redress from Federated Repression

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These 95 theses are grievances of a people who are hurting that I am presenting before the United States Congress. A Congress which was supposed to be the voice of the people which has morphed into the gate keepers and protectors of oligarchs. At the root cause of injustice is a consolidated governance where coagulated power has absolutely corrupted elected officials and empowered unelected technocrats to enact laws that are anti-Constitutional and immoral. This petition is being presented not as an ultimatum but a north star towards reconciliation. Our nation is headed in a perilous direction; John F. Kennedy once stated “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”. These 95 theses petition is a prayer that we can arrive at justice instead of being diverted to carnage.

Ninety Five Theses for Justice

  1. Whereas the United States Congress and the President are elected by less than 65% of eligible voters, consequently the executive and legislative branches are governing without consent and are thus illegitimate
  2. Whereas the United States Federal Government is exercising powers that are not stipulated in the Constitution
  3. Whereas the the intentions of the founders that reserved most powers to state and local governments has been inverted and Federalism has shattered the foundation of our Democracy
  4. Whereas the Federal Government enacts laws to include, but not limited to, the payroll tax, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve in direct contravention of the Constitution and are thus illegal and have no basis in law or morality
  5. Whereas the continued declaration of wars throughout the planet in order to enhance the wealth of corporations and the wealthiest 1% is a crime against humanity
  6. Whereas the inundation of money from billionaires and moneyed interests has nullified the vote of the citizenry and thus disenfranchised all Americans
  7. Whereas the same moneyed interests are empowered by our Federal government to act as hyper-predators who destroy competition in order to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few
  8. Whereas the Federal Government’s fiduciary responsibility is to the wealthiest 1% instead of being stewards of the public interest
  9. Whereas veterans who fight in undeclared and illegal wars are left to suffer in indigence and deteriorating health
  10. Whereas the poor and working class are getting pittance while untold fortunes are transferred to Wall Street and the gentry who live in opulence
  11. Whereas corruption and graft have been codified by the incestuous relationship between corporations and the Federal government
  12. Whereas publicly owned corporations are overwhelmingly owned by institutional (wealthy) investors thus are actually reserved for those who have amassed ill gotten fortunes who are then given preferential treatment by the Federal government
  13. Whereas freedom of the press has been abolished by a combination of government intrusion and the cash infusion of corporations who have initiated a hostile takeover of the fourth estate
  14. Whereas the Federal government, in an unprecedented invasion of privacy, is actively monitoring the communication of all Americans through metadata aggregation and filtration software that is capable of sifting any and all data that passes through the internet and airwaves
  15. Whereas the Federal government has declared the American public enemies of the state by unleashing the Department of Defense and national security agencies upon us by way of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in ways explicitly forbidden by the Bill of Rights and the Supreme law of the land that is the United States Constitution
  16. Whereas the Federal Government is spending our money without consent and borrowing money from our children in order to enrich multinational corporations and plutocrats
  17. Whereas the sovereignty of America has been nullified and we are now being governed through the decree of globalists
  18. Whereas the wealth of Americans is being transferred into the pockets of corporate entities and the richest .01% by way of fiscal and monetary schemes to include but not limited to Quantitative Easing, Zero Percent Interest Policy, and Fractional Reserve
  19. Whereas the Federal Reserve is an agency that is administered by banking interests and by statute cannot be interfered with by Congress or by the demands of the people and is thus ruling through totalitarian decree
  20. Whereas the Federal Reserve is enacting a federated laundering scheme whereby it lends money by borrowing from tax payers and gives money at zero interests to banking interests for said banks to turn around and charge tariffs by way of interest rates and onerous fees to the tax payers who gave them the money they borrowed for free
  21. Whereas economic inequality is the root of most iniquities in our nation and the Federal government is exacerbating this festering problem by continuing to fleece the vast majority of Americans in order to feed the greed of corporate interests
  22. Whereas the two party system, Democrats and Republicans, are illegally colluding to stifle alternatives and monopolize power
  23. Whereas the ballot is limited to two choices and thus is not a choice as all
  24. Whereas less than 10% of Americans are satisfied with Congress
  25. Whereas less than 40% of Americans have confidence in Donald Trump
  26. Whereas the Supreme Court of the United States is continually siding with corporate interests instead of protecting the interests of the people
  27. Whereas Citizens United put the final nail in the Republic Benjamin Franklin warned Americans to guard
  28. Whereas freedom of speech has been eradicated by the Federal government actively allowing corporate interests to take over mass media and internet platforms
  29. Whereas a systematic form of social engineering has been initiated by same corporate interests as they drown out public discourse through the sheer power and reach of mass media
  30. Whereas the people are being taxed so onerously that our earning power is regressing
  31. Whereas inflation is a hidden tax that is kneecapping the masses into economic insolvency and financial anxiety
  32. Whereas the national debt is a shackle around the collective ankles of the bottom 99%
  33. Whereas the cost of living is outstripping the earning power of Americans
  34. Whereas the military-financial complex has wrested power away from the people and given it to the wealthiest .01%
  35. Whereas a pervasive paradigm of strife and conflicted is foisted upon the people by politicians, pundits and media personalities in order to foster civil disharmony
  36. Whereas we are ruled by the lawless who govern without consent who are not bound by the very laws they unleash upon us
  37. Whereas Democrats and Republicans are private corporations and factions of the same coin who mask themselves as governing entities
  38. Whereas every lever of power has been commandeered by corporate interests and has rendered our nation nothing more than assets on the balance sheet of globalists plutocrats
  39. Whereas Federal government programs are presented as charity when they are really forms of addicting the public into dependency on the Federal government
  40. Whereas the prison-industrial complex has reconstituted slavery by way of the penal system
  41. Whereas an unholy trinity exists between government, corporations and legal and illegal drug manufacturers and distributors
  42. Whereas health care, which should otherwise be a human right, has been turned into a pyramid scheme where profits are placed above the needs of patients
  43. Whereas the largest theft in the history of mankind was conferred to the crooks on Wall Street by Barack Obama and his administration with a cash infusion of over $14,000,000,000,000 while Main Street was left out in the cold
  44. Whereas the Trump administration continues to perpetuate this laundering scheme by feeding Wall Street and multinational corporate interests at our cost
  45. Whereas institutional nepotism is enabling politicians and elected officials to get wealthy by trading access for money, a quid pro quo that is the height of corruption and malfeasance
  46. Whereas not one crook who imploded the US economy in 2008 was sent to prison and most of them were given the most golden of parachutes
  47. Whereas our elected officials in DC are intentionally stoking hatred and conflict in order to sow dissension among the public
  48. Whereas bilateral treaties and globalist trading blocs are nothing more than a means for corporate interests to find the cheapest source of labor to manufacture their trinkets
  49. Whereas Social Security is a pyramid scheme that is inherently unsustainable and will not provide a safety net for millennials who are currently paying into the system
  50. Whereas Federalism is nothing more than a power grab by a few that nourishes systematic and institutional graft and corruption
  51. Whereas all people and all races are being pillaged by economic policies which have been weaponized against the masses
  52. Whereas all injustices, from racism to gender inequality to poverty as a whole, can be traced to economic inequality which the Federal government fosters and incubates through the enactment of immoral fiscal and monetary policies
  53. Whereas a creeping totalitarian state is being made evident as the police is unconstitutionally being  militarized while the unleashing of intel agencies against the American public has nullified the Bill of Rights
  54. Whereas the Federal government, using national security as a pretext, is governing in the cloak of darkness and without accountability
  55. Whereas the right to self-governance has been eradicated by the usurpation of power by corporate interests and Federated autocrats
  56. Whereas gerrymandering and anonymous funding has turned would be public servants into tenured grafters and eradicated any semblance of Democracy in America
  57. Whereas the suffering of the huddled masses is being ignored in order to nourish the fortunes of the wealthiest .01%
  58. Whereas politicians, pundits and the oligarchs are colluding to foist bread and circus upon the public
  59. Whereas liberty and freedom are being washed away by tyranny
  60. Whereas internal entities, acting in concert in Washington DC and in corporate boardrooms, have become the clear and present danger and a domestic enemy of the United States of America and her citizens
  61. Whereas war is larceny that is used to steal the wealth of nations and rob veterans of their potential and livelihood
  62. Whereas debt has become the 21st century form of enslavement
  63. Whereas corporate interests are crowding out private enterprise and destroying entrepreneurship
  64. Whereas the separation of church and state is non-existent due to the intervention of government in the affairs of religion by way of tax benefits
  65. Whereas the wealthiest .01% pay less in marginal taxes than the working class who are being driven into financial insolvency
  66. Whereas public lands are being horded by corporate interests
  67. Whereas all facets of our lives are being mandated by a nexus of corporate and government interventionism
  68. Whereas government fostered monopolies enable companies like Monsanto to reap fortunes by abolishing self-sufficiency and replacing it with corporate dependency
  69. Whereas the current generation of workers will be the first in the history of America to be worse off than their parents
  70. Whereas freedom of assembly has been annihilated by a government that views free speech as a threat to their consolidated power
  71. Whereas our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been wiped away by pervasive economic anxieties wrought by continued financial mismanagement and governmental malpractice
  72. Whereas the cost of food and shelter is driving more and more Americans to homelessness due to inflationary policies that intentionally and incrementally raise the price of goods and service above and beyond the wage growth of most Americans
  73. Whereas the middle class has been wiped out as most Americans, irrespective of buying power, are now living paycheck to paycheck
  74. Whereas monetary policies benefit institutional equity holders at the cost of the public
  75. Whereas the Federal government has implemented extralegal policies of assassinating citizens and combatants alike without habeas corpus in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention
  76. Whereas the Supreme Court is not a fair arbitrator for justice but rather has its thumbs on the scale in favor of corporate interests
  77. Whereas the Federal government has unleashed banking interests upon institutions of higher learning and turned colleges and universities into another source for corporations to maximize profits at the cost of people
  78. Whereas Americans no longer have economic security and we are continually beset by financial distress caused by unjust policies that tilt wealth to the few at the cost of the rest
  79. Whereas the Federal government has become the Public Relations arm and capos of the Wall Street and corporate mafia
  80. Whereas institutionalized greed perpetuated by federated power that cascades outward is destroying our planet
  81. Whereas people throughout the globe are being mauled and genocides continually committed in the name of enhancing corporate profits–wars which the Federal government perpetuates
  82. Whereas preferential treatment is reserved for the wealthiest .01% (most paying an effective tax rate of 15% or less) while the rest of us are being ramrodded by ever increasing levies and fees
  83. Whereas we the people are being burdened to the point where raising children is becoming untenable
  84. Whereas government now exists to hide information from the public
  85. Whereas the truth of America’s collective tears and sorrow, the horrors of September 11th, were covered up by the 9/11 commission and veiled conspirators were never brought to justice
  86. Whereas the burdens and suffering of immoral wars that keep being declared in the name of profits is shared by less than 2% of Americans yet the federal government refuses to take care of veterans
  87. Whereas America has been turned into a Ponzi scheme
  88. Whereas the sins of slavery has never been accounted for fully
  89. Whereas Democrats and Republicans are complicit in furthering the mafia that the Federal government has become
  90. Whereas our freedoms are being stripped away in the name of false security
  91. Whereas the shinning city on a hill is being turned into a fading township sinking into the abyss
  92. Whereas we the people can only take so much suffering
  93. Whereas we the people demand better governance
  94. Whereas we the people demand power to be turned over to the communities where we live
  95. Whereas we the people demand universal justice

These are the list of grievances as written by one and undersigned by many contained in this petition. The continued tactics of divide and conquer will not work forever. I am delivering this petition on behalf of those who signed and on behalf of millions more who have had enough of being pillaged by the elites and the status quo. Where our grievances fall on deaf ears, a grass roots movement will start not led by the elites but sprung up from the grass roots. These 95 Theses for Justice was written on Monday, August 28th, and to be delivered to Congress on Friday, September 14th.

To the people reading this, the bottom 99%, consider this an appeal for us to unite and forget fighting over our differences and ideologies. #95ThesesForJustice

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