Get air conditioning in our elementary schools!

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Our young kid's are legally expected to go to our school's in Canada. Most parent's cannot afford to home school our children with how expensive our economy has become. These kid's and their teacher's suffer in the summer months in the hot sticky classrooms. Our government needs to take a better look at this issue. Fan's do not cut it when the classroom is 30+ inside, the school's light's are always off to hopefully reduce the extra heat and it does not do much either. I and many other parent's have walked into these schools to find our kids sweating and they are miserable! The kid's and teacher's are cooking inside these walls! I want the government to find it in their budget to fund these school's to get the proper air conditioning system's put in! Your forcing parent's to send their kid's and even the teacher into a building that is NOT fit for our young children to learn in or for any adult to teach in. Please help the people in Canada to keep our future kid's safe from these brutal surroundings our kid's are put into when they are supposed to be comfortable and learning (they are all our future so we need to take care of them)! Also I am 100% sure parent's would rather see our tax money spent in places like this than in half the things the government spends it on! 

Thank you, 

Jessica Storey