Free The Rescue Ships!

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The Italian Ministry of Transport has detained the civil rescue ships ALAN KURDI and AITA MARI in the Italian port of Palermo. The two rescue ships have recently rescued 193 people from drowning.

On May 5, the Italian coast guard carried out an inspection (port state control) aboard the ALAN KURDI and prohibited the ship from leaving the port. The German authorities then decidedly disagreed with the safety concerns of their Italian colleagues. A spokeswoman said: "From the German flag state administration's point of view, the irregularities identified by the Italian authorities do not concern any serious security deficiencies."

The blockade of the rescue ship jeopardizes our planned rescued mission in June and therefore endangers human lives!

The Italian coast guard also inspected the AITA MARI of the Spanish organization Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH) on May 6 and subsequently also detained the rescue ship.

Italy's security concerns are particularly grotesque because Italy had left 146 people rescued people waiting for twelve days aboard the ALAN KURDI in April, before they were allowed to be transferred to a larger ship. The rescued people on board AITA MARI also had to wait for a safe port for days.

Furthermore, only civil rescue ships are so severely attacked by Italy. The merchant ship MV MARINA also rescued refugees from distress in April and was allowed to moor in a Sicilian port after just a few days. Unlike in the case of the ALAN KURDI and the AITA MARI, the merchant ship was allowed to leave again immediately without any technical inspections and without quarantine. This shows that Italy is deliberately and decidedly blocking civil rescue ships!

It is time to finally put an end to the closed port policy that started under Salvini. Sea rescuers must not be stopped, but must instead be supported. As long as no rescue ships are allowed to leave port, human lives are at stake every single day. Malta's agreement to distribute people rescued from distress at sea needs to be renewed quickly and permanently. The member states of the European Union can no longer leave Italy and Malta alone when it comes to taking in refugees.

We therefore ask the Italian government to end the blockade of the ALAN KURDI and the AITA MARI immediately and to start supporting us in our humanitarian work.

We call on German Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to plead for the release of the ALAN KURDI and AITA MARI rescue vessels.

We expressly call on German Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer to support Italy and Malta and to work even harder towards a fair distribution of people who have been rescued at sea, within the European Union.

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