Accountability for Katie Kettles and John Hall

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We, the undersigned, are petitioning you to call for the impeachment of Glynn County Magistrate Judges Alex Atwood and Flay Cabiness, on account of their inappropriate handling of the charges against former Glynn County Police Officer Robert Sasser.

Following a May 13th incident, Mr. Sasser was charged with Simple Battery and Criminal trespass under the Family Violence Act. The initial bond terms granted to Mr Sasser were excessively lenient, and were violated almost immediately when Mr. Sasser obtained and discharged a firearm during a long, intense standoff with police, which also included the assault of 2 police officers. The manner of this violation, and the additional assault allegations, made it extremely inappropriate to grant bond a second time. Mr. Sasser was known as a loose cannon, and testified in court to owning a large number of firearms, which the court failed to ensure were secured and inaccessible to him. Furthermore, the order that Mr. Sasser stay out of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit failed to provide any practical way for the court to oversee those terms. Once Mr. Sasser was reported to police to be in violation of his bond by coming into contact with the victim in his pending domestic violence case at Moondoggy’s, causing her to reportedly fear for her life, his bond should have been revoked immediately.

The failure of the Magistrate Court to deny Mr. Sasser bond after his second arrest, to secure his weapons, to oversee his exile, and to revoke his bond once he violated the terms thereof led directly to the murders of Katie Kettles Sasser and John Hall. The deep tragedy of their death lies in the opportunity and responsibility the court had to prevent it from happening all. Katie’s and John’s deaths are on the hands of the Glynn County Magistrate Court, and they must be held accountable.

We are forced to assume some level of public corruption contributed to the excessive leniency offered to Mr. Sasser numerous times in this case. We trust that your desire to represent and serve your community will lead you to conduct a thorough review of this matter and ensure that appropriate action is taken against the involved judges.

We sincerely thank your for your service and for your time and attention.