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Give Quincy a Second Chance.... Bring Quincy Home!

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On March 1, 2015, Husband and Father, Quincy Smith’s life changed forever. That morning, Quincy was arrested for vehicular homicide. Quincy told the police he had 2 beers at midnight. He thought being honest, especially since he knew 7 almost 8 hours later had no bearing on this unfortunate accident with a motorcyclist, was always the best policy.  Instead, Quincy was sentenced to 15 years to be served in a Georgia State Prison for his involvement - the maximum on a minimum 3 year charge. 

As his wife, the details and the outcome of this case has had a lasting impact on Quincy, myself, our 3 children, and the community we are tied to. Here we had this charismatic and determined young man who was solely returning home from taking his wife and children to a friend’s house for church, but instead of rehabilitating him to continue to be productive member of society, he was locked up for what is HALF of his life. Quincy will be almost 50 years-old when he is finally released. The sentence was overkill and Quincy deserves a second chance!

Prior to his incarceration, Quincy had no prior convictions of any offenses, held a viable career with Southwest Airlines for 8 years at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, and a Federal Security Clearance issued from our United States’ Government Department of Homeland Security.  He was an active participant in the upbringing of his children in being dynamic citizens in our community. He attended both Gordon College and Georgia Military College, and was the co-founder of Cre8tive Purpose a local non-profit in which he and his wife founded in order to help teens determine their purpose through different means of creativity. Since his incarceration, Quincy has been exposed to the real blight of incarceration and the criminal justice system.  He has hopes and dreams of speaking across the country, advocating for fairness across the judicial system, against aggressive prosecution and indiscriminate sentencing, and for the resources and programs to aid those in our criminal justice system with tools necessary to become successful in our society upon release.

Please join me in asking the Georgia Court of Appeals, Georgia Board of Parole & Pardons, and Governor Nathan Deal to give Quincy Alexander Smith a second chance and release him. I feel that society is better served by having him a part of the community. If you feel that this young man deserves a second chance, then please sign our petition.

The stereotyping of African American men in the criminal justice system has now affected my family and I am petitioning that the appeal of his conviction is granted and an unbiased investigation on the underlying reason for such a harsh sentence for a man who has no prior convictions, a husband, father, and son, when there are cases of alternative sentences that have been granted in the State of Georgia, he was not afforded any alternative solely because of his race in a predominately white county.  I wish I didn't have to address this petition as a racial issue, but unfortunately that is the only explanation I can come up with especially with the stereotypical statements that were communicated in open court. Not only was he sentenced to the maximum sentence for the charge, he was demonized by the State in remarks stating "he showed no remorse because he didn't cry during trial", "I'm surprised you didn't take the motorcycle and steal it to leave the scene", "if you had had a gun, I would have given you life."

Please help us in signing this petition and bringing light to not just the bias in sentencing but a wrong conviction.  It is unfortunate for the sake of numbers to force convictions, withhold pertinent information from a case, embellish, and lie to get another win for the county - which destroys an entire family and community in the process.

Quincy is an amazing husband and father, who did nothing but provided for his family.  Please sign this petition to help bring Quincy home so that he will have the opportunity to raise our children, having a lasting impact on their lives and our society in a positive light.  Our children are currently, 9, 6, and 2 months.  With his current sentence, they would be 24, 21, and 15 upon his return.  This could be your father, brother, uncle, son, cousin, or friend.   An accident from a single left hand turn into our subdivision after dropping me and our children off at a friend's house for church, just 10 minutes prior, was maliciously labeled and prosecuted vehicular homicide for the sake of ruining yet another Black Man's life. Let's put a stop to wrongful convictions and indiscriminate sentencing in Douglas County, GA. Let's start with bringing Quincy home! 


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