Promote every/all college students of batch 2020. /CHHATTISGARH/

Promote every/all college students of batch 2020. /CHHATTISGARH/

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Mudit Bhargav started this petition to Bhupesh Baghel \hon'ble chief minister of chattisgarh (University grant commission (UGC))

As Government stated their new advisory in terms of general promotion of college students of only 1st year and 2nd year and making many conditions regarding promotion and cancellation which causes extreme discrimination among students as we all are facing the same effect of coronavirus.
Government didn't even asked the students the problems they would face if exams being held hence we need to address the every problem that might affect our life, health and career!
+ The percentage of getting Corona virus for 1st year and 2nd year is the same for third year final year law medical engineering private students and back students,etc(ALL students)
+ Student left their study material in their hostels and there are not any stationery open to buy books and due to lack of internet connection among students might face problems in exams.
+ Biggest problems are for migrant students as they should be quarantine for 14 days first then they would not get any PG or hostels as people avoid giving them their houses in these times ;City might get into trouble if people from red zones comes into the city.
+ UGC given the guideline for colleges to conduct all exams from 1st July to 15 July but for students giving 8 exams in a row is quite difficult even in normal days.
+ Improper transportation facility might cause problems to students(no buses trains)
+If a student who are pursuing competitive exam (CA,UPSC) with college exams be very tough or maybe impossible if dates would crash on the same day(too much studies)
+ Putting mask for 2 to 3 hours might cause respiratory dysfunction
+ Monsoon season would be at its peak causing many problems as no electricity and fever low immunity etc
+ mental breakdown of many students due to the lockdown.

***Practically it's quite impossible to conduct exams in light of coronavirus fear***

Government incompetence controlling Corona, now they implement advisory which has no clarity and students get confused which has so much exceptions in it,
Country runs by Parliament and big houses but rather they open college and school and conducting exams


In these tough times another big universities cancel the exam for all the students we CHHATTISGARH which has zero management and arrangement in the educational field
try to conduct examination without asking the opinion of the students and parents
As cases of Corona virus increasing day by day and government couldn't able to control the spreading virus ; we want our remaining exams to get cancel and promote every student of 2020 batch to overcome/pass this curse year
**we want EVERY(all) student to pass this year**

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!