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Dear All

Effective Immediately:

We are urging the administration to call for a 2-week nationwide COMPLETE SHUTDOWN -  to SAVE THE LIVES AND LIVELIHOODS OF ALL AMERICANS and to minimize the spread of the disease, without any further delay.

COVID is spreading exponentially. But with a complete shutdown, it will decrease significantly as well. COVID has been declared by the World Health Organization as a pandemic and has been declared a national emergency by President Trump.

Please join our call to action for the nationwide complete shutdown - NOW and URGENTLY.

We can not let our cities turn into the uncontrolled tragedies that are happening outside the United States. In Hubei, Italy, and now Spain, unfortunately, because of the lack of early intervention, COVID has spread like a wildfire where the healthcare system could not handle it. That led to several PREVENTABLE deaths. We can not let that happen here.

Please look at this data:

327.2 million is the current US population. We have 46,500 medical ICU beds in the United States. Experts predict that if left unchecked, 70% of Americans will get COVID and expect up to 500,000 deaths.

Please sign the petition in support of SHUTTING DOWN NOW, to save the lives of loved ones and our communities.

Mr. President Donald J Trump, Mr. Vice President Michael Richard Pence, and Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci:

WE URGE FOR A COMPLETE SHUTDOWN NOW for at least two weeks to save the lives and livelihoods of all Americans.

Which entails the following:

1 - No gatherings to be allowed - religious or nonreligious

2 - Physical shutdown of all nonessential services and organizations such as restaurants, bars, malls, entertainment venues, universities, schools, etc and replacing them with digital work/learn from home solutions, online delivery and takeout options, etc; except healthcare, emergency medical services, pharmacies, grocery stores, utilities, etc.

In a pandemic like this, nobody should leave home except for medical emergencies, pharmacy runs, or groceries to limit the spread of infection. The time to act is “NOW!”


Dr. Nivedita Lakhera, MD - Internal Medicine

Chuan-Jay Jeffrey Chen, MD - Emergency Medicine

And the community that cares, signed below