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I am 4th Generation, Gawler born, and proud to say my Mother’s (Krieg family) descendants owned and delivered breads etc by horse and cart from the Original Bakehouse, on Redbanks Road, Willaston, and her childhood home, and next door to this, my Great Grandmother and Uncles home. 

Over the many years, thankfully new owners, have lovingly restored, and embraced the Grandeur of my families’ past homes, so they are in view for my Mother and others, as I hold those past childhood memories, close to my heart

Unlike sadly, for the existing GAWLER family, and their past descendants, of the still UNIQUE and beautiful HISTORIC  “FAIRVIEW HOUSE” Calton Road, Gawler East, 5118, that will be suffocated by UNSIGHTLY NEW BUILT HOMES , where the picturesque gardens, that once surrounded it, the horses that grazed  and children's laughter heard with play, that lived there over generations... are GONE FOREVER 

I am ANGRY, to see HOW this DESECRATING Subdivision HAD BEEN APPROVED and especially when this home and its grounds, an important piece of Gawler's History, written in the archives, but not good enough to preserve, for the residents and visitors to visit, and view as its original state

There are already more than enough, EXISTING housing estates, proposed for the increasing town population, encroaching and causing congestion with traffic, and suburbs, which create parking problems, therefore retailing shifts outside of the town, disadvantaging many of the few traders, left to survive, paying sky high rental rates, in Murray Street,
and eventually the above issues are FUNDED by HITTING GAWLERs Residents POCKETS  

 GAWLER is KNOWN  as the FIRST SETTLED, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN TOWN ...and it will , if not already, be the FIRST WORST DEVELOPING TOWN... OR CITY in the NORTH instead, as one only has to live here to know it 

...and ALL  RESIDENTS expense $$$$$ ....GAWLER GOLD ....ABSOLUTELY

They say it's who you know... not what you know.... and money talks...well what happened to genuine honesty, compassion, and loyalty, particularly residents, or their ancestors, who made Gawler what it is, that should be acknowledged in our Community, and not just those that are sworn in ??? 

 Those with a healthy, clear conscience, and the listeners, are with ones who count and make our Town of Gawler, how it should be, and deliver, not just talk

 on behalf of myself and those who wish to sign also, I say....

"To the family and descendants that once owned "Fair View House" and its picturesque gardens, and property, we humbly appreciate  and say thank you, and respect you for choosing, and sharing your life and home, in our historic town of Gawler" 

I know if the stone walls, on the beautiful Fair View property, and your home, that kept you safe and warm...if they could talk , they would the ones disrespecting them...

"Don't knock me down, I do matter"

 "If so, your mind and soul, will hurt far more "

 as my past family love, I once felt, stays eternally within,

my strong stand....

Some wise words from the Walls ...don't you think ...????

that perhaps could teach those, to approve and make constructive decisions, in the future for our Town of Gawler .....and hopefully with what our people want