Save the Junior School at Italia Conti Performing Arts! Stop the closure

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On Friday the 1st of May Italia Conti Performing Arts sent an email to its parents informing them that the full time Junior School would be closing it’s doors in July 2021 due to the Corona Virus lockdown causing financial difficulties. There are currently around 27 students in year 9 who have been told in this current climate that they should find alternate schools by the start of the next academic year in September, which is just a few short months away when all schools are currently closed due to the Government lock down! This is a crucial time for these students as they are about to begin their GCSE’s. The students in year 7 & 8 will also have to all find new schools too by July 2021! A lot of the children are on partial scholarships and the other Performing Arts schools may not be in a position to offer more scholarships for the next academic year as they would already have been awarded to other students and they will not have the spaces to take all of the students. It was the dream of every student who attends the school to gain a place and they are all incredibly talented, the children are absolutely devastated to have their dream, vocational training and Education being taken from them. 

We have also got a go fund me page going to try to help save the school and the children have done a video to let you know just how much this school means to them! The video can be viewed on the YouTube link below. There have been so many stars come out of this school please help to the stop the sky from going dark! Covid19 would have claimed many victims in various ways and has affected all of our lives. Let's pull together to help each other through this crisis and be proud when we look back on this time at our nation's spirit and kind actions that will never be forgotten.

Video from the Students

Go fund me link