STOP 'triple lock' approach and use the teacher-assessed grades for all GCSEs / A Levels

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At 10:30pm on Tuesday 11th August, Gavin Williamson announced a new ‘triple lock’ process for GCSE and A Level students in England, implying this was great news and they will receive the higher of either their calculated grade (by Ofqual, after their computations), their mock result, OR if they sit one, their autumn exam result.  

This is UNFAIR, UNWORKABLE and DISRESPECTFUL of teachers and schools that put so much time into giving their recommended assessed grades. This petition is asking for  teacher-assessed grades to be used instead of triple lock if a student wishes to appeal. 

UNFAIR - not all schools do mocks and virtually all students improve between mock and the real exams. English students will also be competing with Scottish students and Nicola Sturgeon has promised to override the Scottish results to reflect what teachers submitted - if the Triple Lock system is applied in England it could result in English students incorrectly being marked lower than Scottish students. 

UNWORKABLE - not all mocks are equal or done at the same time of year with the same conditions so it is ridiculous to compare their results.

DISRESPECTFUL and DISTRUSTING - teachers know their students best and have used a range of information to put in a realistic assessed grade, already including their mock result if it was appropriate. This announcement by Gavin Williamson ignores teachers' hard work, experience and knowledge. 

Please support this petition, students in England deserve to get the results they worked so hard for, and teachers deserve to have their experience listened to. 

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