Mental Health Awareness in Schools

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With suicide rates in this country at an all time high something needs to change from the foundations up.

We teach physical education but nothing about mental wellbeing or awareness, often the two are linked.

I want more to be done in schools to help educate the children, recognise signs of depression, anxiety and other mental illness and what support is available to them to realise they are not alone, Help is available to them and how they can assess it and where.

We all know children have far more pressure than we had as children and far more suffer from self harming, depression, anxiety even suicide then there were twenty years ago, it’s only right we give them the tools to cope with how they feel so they become productive adults.

My son committed suicide at 14 years old, he hid his feelings very well from his friends and family maybe if he’d had some teachings about mental health wellbeing in school it may have gave him the tools to cope with however he was feeling. 

I know as parents we talk and try to educate our children as best we can on this subject but surely having this as part of the curriculum would help a lot of children we may not know have a problem.