Make white privilege and systemic racism a compulsory part of the British education course

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Nationwide in our schools we study and learn about racism through a historic lens leading many adolescents to the impression that racism is an issue of the past as oppose to something we face daily. This leaves our generation misinformed and at times ignorant to white privilege and systemic racism. In order to diminish systemic racism, we must educate young adolescents how they can actively be involved in standing up against racism (eg. diversity quotas in jobs, media and more).

In response to the countless tragic events that have occurred, and are occurring, globally and nationally, regarding racism it is clearer than ever that education on white privilege and systemic racism in our schools across the UK is essential and must be implemented as a mandatory part of our school curriculum. It is vital that we educate adolescents on the history of racism as well as the white privilege in order to lift the curtain on ‘white blindness’.  In order to achieve this, it is necessary to make it a mandatory part of the KS3 National Curriculum. We need to actively tackle and discuss these issues through a structured, mandatory educational course rather than relying on generational change to drift vaguely towards racial equity and a deeper understanding of these issues.