Demand domestic animal sanctuaries across districts cities and gram panchayats - India

Demand domestic animal sanctuaries across districts cities and gram panchayats - India

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Started by Banerji Rinki

Demand to govt to provide domestic animal sanctuaries across districts cities and gram pranchayats

How many more abuses and deaths do road animals need to suffer and make their caretakers suffer not just in taking care of the animals but also face the daily heat of abusers and haters

As of now all road animals under obvious threat need protection coz the while society cannot and will not turn into an animal loving society overnight

Domestic animal sanctuaries have mushroomed across nations and cities outside india

Why is the Indian Govt so far behind

Why do animal carers have to live with their hearts on their sleeves almost all the time

How many more people need to leave their jobs to dedicate themselves to the endless care of road animals thanks to the pet trade encouraging buying and selling selling of pedigree pets that are not even meant for the Indian climate

How many more earlier unknown diseases like parvo distemper and on and on should the pedigree breeds bring to the country and harm the native animals??

When will the govt stop looking at animals as items of exploitation but as living beings who have caretakers WHO VOTE

How many more animals will be killed for their skin and flesh and just to get a road free of animals??

Is there no end to these things?

Will people who feel for animals ever breathe in peace in this rapidly overpopulating planet of insensitive and greedy inhuman beings

Is there any hope anywhere that these atrocities will stop if the govt can take the right steps

Please Demand now coz requesting is a lost game

The deaths as above is entirely the administrations fault

If we leave animals at the mercy of murderers this is bound to happen

There is a need for domestic animal sanctuaries across all cities districts and gram pamchayats

100 dogs dead in a day

No point blaming each other

The murderers will not own up

And the haters will be happy

Man animal conflict is everywhere

The only way to protect them is to separate them from abusers is providing sanctuaries and make housing complex there for animal carers who can regulate animal welfare over there along with paid volunteers

It is no solution suggesting pet hostels in the middle of city

U just can't force people to love animals when they just don't want to

Right now they need protection first more than the transformed love of haters which will never happen overnight

767 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!