Stop Yulin Dog Festival By: Gabriella Vaysman & Gabriella Kiszka

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Every year around the month of June, when carnivals and festivals are abruptly popping up across the United States with millions of people celebrating summer as well as the end to another long school year, there is another festival on the other side of the world that has a malicious and sinister purpose. Known as the Yulin Dog Festival, there is an immense slaughter and sale of thousands of dogs and cats to be later eaten as meat.

Largely illegal, this festival consists of 10 to 20 million dogs stolen as pets originally. These innocent compassionate creatures break limbs while being transported as well as are starved and severely dehydrated. These animals then await their own fate. Dogs and cats alike are severely beaten, burned, and boiled alive. In addition, they have metal instruments inserted into their stomachs, and are completely taken apart. The animals are very much conscious throughout the arduous and seemingly never-ending process. They were bought or stolen and transported in cramped cages for miles on end, stored in factories or back rooms, and watched their companions die before their own massive ordeal was initiated. Why? You may ask? It is believed that their meat tastes better as it provides a more adrenaline-rich taste that increases male sex drive and cure their impotence or premature ejaculation. The saddest and most unfortunate thing is that the more pain, and fear that is inflicted while the animal is alive leads to tastier meat to end up on individual’s plates in the end.

As we get closer to this festival approaching on June 21, 2018, it is extremely vital that this major atrocity is ceased. We need your help.