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Fusionfall: Project Revive (Officially Re-Opened)

Greetings Folks, we are now back online!

Fusionfall was Cartoon Networks first MMORPG realease January 14th, 2009. It was glorious, sadly the fact is now that it's closed. With Fusionfall, CN could have marketed itself and kept people in the loop, not to mention the fact that with a little extra time, they could have created an in game shop that would have generated income. Would we have bought? YES! Will we buy? YES!

Cartoon Network Fusionfall was an iconic game that had meant the most of the world too us. Please revive it, and allow us to interact with the characters we once knew and loved!

On top of signing the petition we ask you to take the following steps to ensure a clean fresh update of the game.
1. Go to
2. Select "Games", then "Fusionfall"
3. Fill out in high detail how much this game means to you, and how you would want it to revive. Explain you want it back and state that it would be a glorious return to see it.

Letter to
Cartoon Network cartoon network
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Cartoon Network.


You had such a great game that could help your marketing! Help us the players feel connected to characters again! This game was such a creative solution to getting us involved with events on your website by having us run missions related to what was going on with CN.

We Urge You To Remaster And Bring Back Our Game, The Time Is Now, The Players Are Us!