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We need to talk about Mental Health. We need to talk about the crises in our Health Service and its failures in being able to provide for people with Mental Health illnesses. We need to change our society and that starts here at home.
Talking about our mental well-being is difficult. What is even more difficult is getting treatment when the services that provide it are understaffed, under-trained and under-developed.

1 in 4 of us will experience mental health issues in our lifetime. If it was as obvious as a common cold or the flu it would be labelled an epidemic.

So why, when treatment for Mental Health issues is costing our NHS £103 Billion annually, are we seeing these vital health services cut?

Work to deliver a £16 million purpose-built mental health facility in Harrogate along Beckwith Head road have been ‘put on hold’ as the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) announced a ‘planned’ multi-million deficit. Tory PM Theresa May has said in the past that mental health would be a priority for her government and was a major election pledge during her campaign. In her inaugural speech, she said;

"if you suffer from mental health problems, there’s not enough help to hand"

So why Prime Minister, does your government insist on voting through policy that sees vital mental health services being put on hold for money to be spared elsewhere? The government claims it is putting more money into our hospitals than ever, but only because it is being stripped away from locally needed projects such as the one at Beckwith Head!

Local MP for Harrogate & Knarsbourgh, Andrew Jones, has repeatedly voted in favor with his party’s view on implementing needless austerity to the constituents of Harrogate whilst still raising local council Tax by 2.26% for this year! The government can give the DUP £1 billion but can’t provide vital services for the rest of its citizens?

Avoidable tragedies regarding mental illness CAN be avoided but more services such as the one at Beckwith Head need to be revitalised. £16 million is a drop in the water compared to the real savings which can be made, by simply treating mental illness at the first level before it can develop further.  Examples have shown that in the past year local hospitals are under too much pressure to cope and are unable to consistently provide adequate care for mental health patients because they are too understaffed or to under trained.

Young Socialists, in conjunction with the local Labour Party and other campaign groups, is calling for the Tees Esk & Wear Valley NHS Trust to immediately fund and restart the construction at Beckwith Head, as well as to host a properly publicised local community debate on mental health services in and around the Harrogate borough. 


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