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Fully Fund Body Cameras for Houston Police

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If you are a registered Houston voter, we need your help today to make our city safer. Please sign our petition to fully fund body cameras for all Houston police officers.

Body cameras worn on police officers increase transparency and de-escalate encounters with the public. This innovative technology enhances transparency and legitimacy, improves the behavior of both citizens and officers, facilitates quicker resolutions of citizen complaints, provides improved evidence for arrest and prosecution and creates powerful training opportunities.

That’s why Sylvester Turner is promoting the full implementation of body cameras as part of his campaign for Mayor of Houston.

Body cameras protect both our citizens and our officers. But our City Council hasn’t funded the full $8 million needed to put a body camera on every Houston police officer. 

The Houston Police Department (HPD) has been piloting the use of body cameras since 2013, and the pilot has proven successful. Last year, HPD requested $8 million to fund a full-scale body camera program. But our City Council has approved only $2.8 million in funding toward that request. The Harris County District Attorney separately established a plan to purchase $1.9 million in camera equipment, some of which will benefit HPD. That still leaves this important initiative only half-funded and in need of additional resources. 

Funds for body cameras are available. For example, during the most recent legislative session, Sylvester Turner supported a bill that will provide approximately $10 million in grant funding for Texas law enforcement agencies to establish local body camera programs.

Safety requires a partnership between our police officers and the people they are sworn to protect – and that depends on mutual respect and trust. When emotions are running high, the video produced from body cameras provides an objective record of the facts. That’s a good place to start in the search for truth.

If you are a registered Houston voter, please sign our petition today to fully fund body cameras for all Houston Police officers.

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