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If only we had interpreted "be fruitful and multiply" correctly, it is quite possible we would not be in the great imbalance we are in. As Ben Franklin is known to have said, "He who introduces into public affairs the principles of primitive Christianity will revolutionize the world" And it was sharing knowledge, love, and wealth according to need. Not hoarding, not amassing huge wealth that benefits a few. Jesus Christ was the greatest liberal to have graced this planetary surface, few have touched his sandals. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Buddha, and many unknowns have walked the walk, and talked the talk, impostures abound and hide behind the banners. By a liberal, I mean someone who opposes the status quo, by the status quo, I mean what is of popular acceptance. What is of popular acceptance is greed, oppression, abuse and of course deception, all in the name of profit. This is by far not a pessimistic stance, there is much good at work, many people are not out for their own interest, yet the numbers are decreasing, simply because it is becoming too competitive. The opposition spends much promoting a capitalistic agenda. As Oren Lyons has said capitalism is running away at a full gallop. Many changes need to be introduced, one is our children must be educated to not be insatiable, not to build anything to promote planned obsolescence or with a fashion to be replaced the following season or year. Things must last, so we take less out of our resources. Conservation of our environment must be a staple foundational principle. Morals have to be at the fulcrum of our teachings. Respect for ALL life must be paramount. We must share the planet with all our relatives, and understand that man may have been created in Gods image, but he is not to play god with any life. Procreation must be done with love, not lust.  We can no longer sustain our numbers, at least not with the manner which we have chosen, we are rewarding in ways that aggravate our demise, not help in our solutions. We have progressed technologically, but regressed in promoting equality of everything. Human rights are being violated repeatedly, life rights constantly. It is time for every man, woman, and child to accept their own responsibility, and I know many that do. We have to promote personal responsibility, and concern for others. We must end the me first attitudes that hurt other living things. Greed must be reigned or we will be recycled by none other than ourselves.

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To all humans, a time to relearn the most elementary of all principles has to be practiced. We are destroying our own children's future, we are not being good stewards, we are placing personal gain above societal benefits. I believe we have overpopulated ourselves at any cost. We are eradicating all species and eliminating their right to habitats. Greed is running a close second to our economy. We are rewarding what we should be punishing, small wonder. Too many are keeping quiet, to much apathy is running loose. I know there are many sleepers and even more silent workers helping derail the monster that has entrenched itself in the hearts of many. We can no longer keep silent, this is something for everyone to partake in. Please take a stand, do not remain neutral. Hopefully you will agree that this is a most urgent matter. I thank-you in advance for your participation in your own future.

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