FringeWorld: Step up and drop Woodside as a sponsor

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FringeWorld is the most magical place in Perth and its primary partner is Woodside Petroleum which is the biggest homegrown polluter in Western Australia.

This pollution is already having a devastating impact on our climate - unprecedented bushfires are raging through towns, while heat records are being broken year after year. Woodside is fuelling these disasters -  Nationally, it’s the 8th largest emitter - making it one of the worst contributors to climate change for Australia.

We don't think Woodside is going to pull out of fossil fuels anytime soon. So by signing this petition, you will be asking Fringe World to step up and drop Woodside as a sponsor.

The world's top scientists have given us a damning deadline - we have 11 years left to dramatically reduce emissions, or face a dire future. Yet, Woodside have managed to keep their brand relatively untarnished - despite being the biggest climate change fuelling corporation in WA. 

FringeWorld is WAs largest annual festival of theatre, comedy, cabaret, and circus. It's also the third largest Fringe festival in the world. The largest and second largest Fringe festivals: Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe festivals do not partner with fossil fuel corporations.

Dropping Woodside is 100% doable! In similar instances, both the Tate in the UK and the Edinburgh International Festival ended their partnerships with BP in 2016, and are not suffering financially as a result – indeed, both are expanding their programmes and have secured new partnerships.

Given we’re in the middle of a climate crisis, it beggars belief that Fringe World Festival would continue supporting and providing credibility for this fossil fuel corporation.

By signing this petition, you will be asking Fringe World to step up, side with the climate and drop Woodside as a sponsor.