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Freedom 4 Justin and Justice for All

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The wrongful convictions in America are taking over our prisons and something needs done to correct this problem. 

According to channel 8 the State of Pennsylvania pays nearly $33,000.00 per inmate per day. There are many people that do not even make that much money in a year.  Social workers for the Department of Public Welfare and Children & Youth Services do not even make that much. “

Is it right to lock up someone in prison all because “She” said he did it? That is what happened to a 20 year old young man who had never been in trouble with the law and because the attorney the family hired (Emmanuel H. Dimitriou) died prior to trial that Dimitriou said they were doing because he knew she was lying... This young man ended up with Kurt Geishauser; the son in law and personal assistant of Dimitriou…and this young man ended up convicted of a crime in which he did not commit.  The families business attorney, John Szajna attended the sentencing for support and from what he remembers this young man should have been home by now.

This young man could have counter sued for assault charges but no one bothered to look at his bruised face or the scratches on his back... But even though she was bigger than he... it didn't matter and no questions were asked... he was guilty! The constitution states, "Innocent until proven guilty"... well, in this case... he was guilty from the beginning and there was no proof to prove either innocent or guilt.

Two witnesses that were not even there testified on her behalf (one being her ex and then present boyfriend).

A family member of this young man is now a 2nd year criminal justice major and is learning so much that went wrong ...and the errors first started with the young man and his families ignorance and trust in our judicial system and the other is the incompetent attorney that ended up pocketing the $10,000 the family spent on his father in law, Dimitriou. 

Please read and see how this all went down.

Something needs done because while this young man sits in state prison and is forced to take a program and admit to guilt instead of continuing with college ~ all the while, she (the alleged victim) continues to bartend and waitress...something is wrong here and needs fixed! 

So, what would you do??? Admit to guilt in order to get out of jail or ... sit there and max out? It is a catch twenty two... your damned if you do and your damned if you don't.

Please copy and paste the link and read the article by someone that was convicted and thanks to DNA he was proven innocent… Department_of_Correction_Sex_Offender_Program_Damns_Innocent                                    &Wrongfully_Convicted_Part2.pdf

But the question is…what if there is no DNA evidence like in this particular case…?  

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