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Free Whistle-Blower - Exposed $8 Million Fraud by Phony Foundation (SALF) - IL Officials Retaliate

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Citizens should not tolerate clear violation of our Constitution's Bill of Rights which is supposed to prevent this abuse of  power in arrest without probable cause, cover-up of government officials' misconduct, and retaliaton against a whistle blower as is occurring in the case of Annabelle Melongo, a highly trained IT specialist and a resident alien with citizenship in Cameroon and Haiti, jailed under such circumstances.

Exposing a phony foundation that gave false information on applications to federal and state agencies for $ 8 million dollars landed Annabelle Melongo in jail, where she has remained on an outrageous and excessive $300,000 bail for nearly a year.

Melongo was an IT specialist hired by now defunct SALF to manage their computers. Melongo discovered SALF was a fraud. It obtained huge government grants to train children in CPR, by computer, but never used the money for this purpose. Even the concept of training people in CPR by computer is bizarre and unrealistic.

Emmy award winning Chicago investigative reporter Chuck Goudie had interviewed SALF CEO Carol Spizzirri on camera several times and Spizzirri refused to reveal what was done with the money. Goudie noted that many prominent politicians had assisted Spizzirri in obtaining government grants.

Spizzirri, after running away from Goudie, fired Melongo and went to police accusing Melongo of remotely accessing SALF computers and erasing their financial records, fabricating this as an excuse as to why she could not account for grant money.

IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan's and Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez's offices and staff have evidence that Melongo could not have remotely tampered with the SALF computers, yet indicted her for this computer tampering and then for eavesdropping when Melongo recorded phone conversations with a Cook County Court Reporter supervisor, who Melongo suspected of knowing about a court transcript in which Melongo believed had serious errors through tampering.

It appears that Melongo is a scape goat being used to cover-up the lack of due diligence by prominent politicians including the office of IL Attorney General Madigan, former Chicago School Board President and now Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Senator Richard Durbin, and many others, whom aided Spizzirri, due to lack of due diligence, in fraudulently obtaining money for her phony foundation.

This wrongful arrest and incarceration without probable cause, excessive bail, and defamation of Melongo must be exposed and questioned.

Sign petition to ask President Obama through his Attorney General Eric Holder to expedite their review of this apparent corruption of the IL justicial system and government officials including Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office and Cook County States Attorney Anita Alvarez's office, as well as Schiller Park Police Detective William Martin.

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