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Free the Fairbanks Four

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We protest the continued wrongful imprisonment of Eugene Vent, Kevin Pease, George Frese, and Marvin Roberts.

The four Native American men were convicted of a brutal 1997 murder with absolutely no physical evidence against them. None knew the victim. All had alibis. In court the D.A. argued that the alibis must be ignored because of their race. Exculpatory evidence was deliberately left uncollected. For these reasons and many, many, more, we call for an investigation into their trials, interrogations, and the investigation that led to their arrest and incarceration to verify the many accusations of public corruption, racism, civil rights violations, police, and court misconduct.

We want the Attorney General to review this case, the Fairbanks District Attorney to review this case, the Fairbanks Police Department to review the case and the original investigation, and  also test the only DNA from the scene, which did not match the victim or accused, against the current offender database. We want the Mayor of Fairbanks to ensure that these steps are taken locally.  We want our State and National elected representatives to ask for these steps to be taken at all levels. We want Governor Parnell to insist that all of these basic steps are taken at local and State levels, and to pursue any executive clemency available to the Fairbanks Four.

We further support any legal, procedural, political, or other avenues that will allow for the release and of Eugene Vent, Kevin Pease, George Frese, and Marvin Roberts through pardon, commutation, or parole, or other means and support any action that will result in exoneration of these men.

14.5 years of injustice is too long. It is time to Free the Fairbanks Four!!

We encourage all recipients of this email to read more about the case at, through the Newsminer Decade of Doubt series, or at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Hartman Murder Files site.

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