Free Samson the mustang and his family!

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Samson is a Mustang in the Pine Nut mountains who was recently captured along with other mustangs for being too close to a residents area. A simple solution would be to put a fence up, but instead the BLM captured Samson and other mustangs in a trap and plan to remove them from their home forever!

Samson is a very special horse to the community and to the people who help protect the horses of the area! He’s is a son of Blue, a gorgeous blue roan mustang who is also a favorite of the community. Samson’s mate and daughter were also trapped. But Samson is the main one everyone wants to be freed.

You can find pics and info on Samson, his mate, his daughter, Blue, and many other horses of the Pine Nut Mountains On Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates Facebook page. These horses are truly beautiful and deserve to be free in their home forever. They are slowly being rounded up or trapped.

You can help PNWHA support the horses and help keep them free. As for Samson time is quickly running out! They plan to take him and the other horses away in a few days and he will never see his home or family ever again. He is considered royalty on the range and his genes are very desirable! He’s very special to everyone who loves and cares about him. Please help get him released back into his home before it’s too late!