Free Krishna Elephant From Chains At Konni Elephant Training Center, Kerala

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Krishna a 9 years old Juvenile Tusker CHAINED in Kerala Konni Elephant Training center is in DISTRESS. He throws whatever he gets in his trunk to all the people around. They call it playing. But he is in PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA due to restricted and limited activities. Being an young elephant he needs to be freely moving around.

Swaying, head bobbing etc are signs of stress, depression and boredom. The visitors are teasing him. Sadly our Judiciary considers only physical torture as cruelty to animals and psychological torture is yet to be considered as CRUELTY.

Krishna along with an adult female elephant were captured from a human settlement near forest in 2014 due to conflict. The adult female supposed to be Krishna's mom or guardian from their herd, died in few days after capture due to severe injuries. Since then Krishna is suffering from captivity trauma.

Kirshna Elephant distress Video -

In the wild, elephants live in herds, with close family ties, but in captivity they mostly lives in isolated confinement. Many captive elephants suffer from arthritis, obesity or skin problems due to limited and restricted movement and activities. Elephants typically travel anywhere from 15 to 120 miles per day. In captivity, they average walk three miles daily, often walking back and forth in small enclosures. In humans, deprivation can trigger psychiatric issues, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder. Elephants and other animals with large brains are likely to react in similar ways to life in a severely stressful environment.

There is strong evidence that enrichment, social contact and appropriate space in more natural habitats are necessary for long-lived animals with large brains like elephants. Better conditions reduce disturbing stereotypical behaviours, improve connections in the brain, and trigger neuro-chemical changes that enhance learning and memory. Captive Elephants those cannot be freed back to wild, should be rehabilitated in a natural environment with freedom to move around, exhibit natural behavior and provided with enrichment for physical and psychological rejuvenation.

Legal Discrepancies in Konni Elephant Training Center:

1. Wildlife Protection Act 1972 Rule 38H, Konni Elephant Training center is not recognized by Central Zoo Authority as a "Zoo" or "Elephant Rescue center".

2. As per Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Rule 38J Prohibition of teasing. - No person shall tease, molest, injure or feed any animal or cause disturbance to the animals by noise.

3. Without "Performing Animals" certification from Animal Welfare Board of India, Elephants in Konni Training Center are kept for public display for money.

4. Prolonged tethering on chains and depriving from drinking water, free movement, and socializing is cruelty as per Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960.

5. As per Central Zoo Authority Guidelines, the permanent housing of a rescued wild elephant (Schedule 1 listed animal) should be informed to and approved by CZA under WPA Rule 38I. 

6. All the elephants including Krishna is tethered on concrete floors where they stand most of the time. As per captive elephant management rules, the shed floor should be soft and natural.


1. Free Krishna Elephant from chains.

2. Shift him to a larger enclosure, where he can move around freely, exhibit natural behavior and also should be allowed to socialize with other elephants.

3. All the elephants in Konni Training Center, should be provided facilities as per Captive Elephant Management Guideline Rules.

4. The center should get recognized by CZA to ensure the Schedule 1 endangered elephants are managed as per the standard norms.

5. Elephants used for public display should get "performing animal" certification from AWBI to ensure the welfare of elephants.


@CZA, Kindly order to close down all such illegal centers in India. Your ignorance is fuelling wildlife crimes by those who are supposed to protect the wildlife.

@AWBI, please ask all state Governments to stop using elephants for public display and rides, if they have not taken "performing animals" certification.

@IGFWL, kindly enforce WPA 1972 rules. Elephants a scheduled 1 listed species is being abused in captivity across the country.

@Project Elephant please stop releasing funds to state Governments who

(a) do not follow captive elephant management guideline rules
(b) are not recognized by CZA
(c) hold illegal custody of elephants
(d) use elephants for rides and public display without AWBI certification.