Stop the prosecution of those who are saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea!

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My name is Lea, I was a nurse aboard the Iuventa with captain Pia Klemp. These days she is being investigated along nine other young maritime rescuers in Italy because they have saved lives. They face 20 years in prison. If the crew were convicted, it would be the end of humanity in Europe. 

I don't want to accept how volunteers have to defend themselves in court anymore, while those who are responsible for this situation will get away without punishment. It is the EU's foreclosure policy that turns the Mediterranean into a mass grave.

Where help from politics is lacking, the support from civil society is particularly important to the crew. Therefore, I ask you to sign this petition in solidarity with all courageous and dedicated volunteers. More information on the case of iuventa10 and a donation opportunity for legal costs can be found here:

I've been aboard rescue boats five times, treating the torture wounds of people who had just escaped from Libyan detention camps. Denying them a safe haven in Europe is not acceptable - both legally and morally.

It makes me angry and sad that politics try to stop our solidarity through criminal proceedings. Because ultimately it should not be about us, but about the people on seeking refuge. They are being denied help. But we will stop that. We are more!

With this petition we send an appeal to Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to end the criminalization immediately. Huge protests across Europe have caused captain Carola Rackete to be released quickly. Our voice was heard.

Together we will create a solidary Europe!