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Felix Garcia, a deaf man, has been in prison for over 30 years for a crime a sibling framed him for. Felix still remains in prison even though the brother has now come forward and confessed for the crime.

Letter to
Rick Scott, Governor of Florida
Texas State House
Texas State Senate
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Texas Governor
I am writing to request that you release Felix Garcia and issue an apology for the tremendous injustices done to him for a crime he never committed. Mr. Garcia was not born but made deaf after a series of crippling ear infections as a child. Despite being robbed of one of his senses however, Mr. Garcia was determined to be as normal as possible and thus, in an attempt to be seen as the competent capable man that he was, allowed himself to be framed by his brother for a murder he did not commit and had no prior knowledge of.

His error of judgement came only from the profound desire to be respected and loved. After admitting to said crime at the tender age of 19, Mr. Garcia was imprisoned and subsequently abandoned by his family and seemingly the world. Unfortunately despite his disability, prison guards made no attempts to bridge the communication gaps that existed and instead punished him time and time again for failing to obey orders he could not hear. Due to certain circumstances, as a child Mr. Garcia did not receive lessons in sign language and thus after losing his hearing, lost a manner of communicating with a world too busy to attempt to hear his story.

To add insult to this injury, Mr. Garcia was again denied a pardon and refused release even after his brother confessed to the crime. Now in middle age, Mr. Garcia has spent over 30 years in prison when his only true crime was an ardent yearning to be treated with kindness and basic decency. Having said that, I implore you to do what you know is right and release this man immediately. Although it is a sad truth that he can never be given back the time he has done, it is with utmost urgency that he be released in order to enjoy the time he has left.

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