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Free 73-year old German citizen detained in Turkey!

My father, Enver Altayli, is a 73-year-old writer (last publish: A Dark Path to Freedom) and an intellectual. Above all, he is a family man who wants to leave a better Turkey and a better world for his children and grandchildren. As an uncompromising optimist, he always provides advice and support to his family and his environment. 

For more than a year he is innocently imprisoned in Turkey! He is one of currently 7 German political prisoners who were victims of the wave of arrests after the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016. There is no concrete evidence against him, furthermore, there is no real crime that he is accused of. No court date has been set and no official charges have been made. Nevertheless, he is being held in solitary confinement!

The imprisonment and the detention conditions take a heavy toll on him at the age of 73! He gets weaker with each passing day as he also suffers from a heart and metabolic disease.

We do not know how long he can stand the detention, especially since it is not clear how long his imprisonment will last.

Please support us by signing the release of my father, Enver Altayli, as soon as possible.

Still, all legal petitions against his detainment and his conditions of detainment have been refused by the Turkish courts. There is no end in sight to his wrongful imprisonment and we are at the end of our hopes.

Since the failed coup attempt in Turkey in July 2016, more than 50.000 people have been detained, many without clear cause or evidence. Among those detained are politicians, journalists, judges, doctors and writers. Many have been accused of connections to the Feto terrorist organization, or Gulen movement, named after the US-based muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen. Pressure from the Turkish government regarding these political prisoners hinders Turkish courts to take initiative for their release. Enver Altayli is also accused of having had connections to the Gulen movement. Yet he has never been part of the movement, nor has he taken part in any activities that could justify that accusation. The real reason for his imprisonment are his political views and his criticism of the Turkish government.

Enver Altayli has always supported a liberal and western-oriented Turkey. He campained for a democratic, liberal Turkey that follows the rule of law. Enver Altayli was recruited by the Turkish intelligence service in the late 1960’s and was send to the Institute for Eastern law in Cologne, Germany, to get a formal education in Sovietology. After he left the intelligence service in 1973, he worked for the Turkish Nationalist Movement Party until the early 1980’s. There, he represented a wing of the party that saw the future of Turkey alligned with NATO and the liberal democracies of Europe and America. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he worked as an advisor to Turkish Presidents Ozal and Demirel in questions regarding Russia and Central Asia.

He was a critic of the policies of the current Turkish government that undermined the democratic principles of the Turkish Republic and the rule of law. That is the real reason why Enver Altayli is being held in solitary confinement without charges for over 12 months.

The conditions of Enver Altayli’s imprisonment have taken their toll on his health. He has several serious medical conditions and he is loosing strength with each passing day. He may not be able to endure his imprisonment much longer, considering that there is no end in sight.

Please support this cause by signing the petition to effect his immediate release.

Thank you,

Zeynep and the Family Altayli