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Stop glorifying rape and violence. Abide by your Content Usage Policy by moderating content before it goes live on your site.

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Trigger Warning

Last week we found a product on CafePress titled “Rape, Christmas Long Sleeve T-Shirt.”

Other recent products include “RAPED Oval Decal” sticker, “Feeling raped Ash Grey T-shirt” and a mug printed with the words “I could rape a cup of tea.”

These are just a few examples of many products that have featured on CafePress that trivialise rape and sexual violence.

Products such as these are always removed quickly for breaching CafePress’ Content Usage Policy. But they shouldn’t be on its website in the first place. It is no use removing a product promoting rape after a survivor of rape has been triggered by it, or some viewers have already internalised it as "normal" and acceptable. The damage has already been done.

We’re calling on CafePress to remove all content that glorifies rape and violence from its website, and ensure that it adheres fully to its Content Usage Policy in the future, by moderating content before it goes live on the site.

Cafepress is an online shop where anyone can create and sell content, from t-shirts to phone-cases. It’s fantastic that we have a free platform to create content, but not when this content violates the rights of others and trivialises rape and violence.

Rape is not a fashion accessory. Although some content uploaders on CafePress obviously seem to think that it is. Rape is a horrific act of violence that devastates thousands of people’s lives. A popular website like CafePress should not be endorsing products that glorify it.

Cafe Press’ own Content Usage Policy lists the following under “Prohibited Content”;

  • Content that may violate the rights of any person or entity, including moral rights and rights of publicity or privacy.

  • Content that glorifies hatred, violence, racial, ethnic or religious intolerance.

  • Content that promotes illegal activities.

Content trivialising rape violates all 3 of these policies, and therefore CafePress has a responsibility to ensure that it is not on the website. Rape is immoral and promotes illegal activity. Worst of all, this content glorifies hatred and violence.

Christmas is fast approaching, and while it may be a happy time of year for many of us, violence against women increases dramatically during the Christmas period. Considering this, it’s disgusting that any website could be selling a product titled “Rape, Christmas Long Sleeve T-shirt.”

We’re calling on CafePress to abide by its Content Usage Policy and remove all content trivialising rape and violence. We’re asking CafePress to adhere properly to its Content Usage Policy so that we never see content glorifying rape and violence on its site again.

Note from the authors: When sharing this content, please be sensitive and include a trigger warning for rape and sexual assault.


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