Close all schools at all levels in quebec

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Closing all schools and not just high schools  in Quebec will allow time to put together plans for social distancing, realities of contamination, protocols and policies. Take Elementary for instance how are you going to ensure social distancing in classes that are cramped to begin with. Not to mention toys, books, desks, lockers,technology,  recess and lunch. These are but some of the nightmares and hurdles to overcome. In these classes you have direct contact with members of essential services and seniors due to living arrangements. Teachers and staff that are 40 plus are at higher risk and than come home potentially infecting their family. Plus their kids come home with germs and than we go into the community and the list goes on. Please follow other provinces and territory leads and wait to open in the fall. You always say safety of our seniors are a priority but so are our essential services, teachers, staff and kids. Every canadian deserves the right to shelter in place. Besides kids are learning all across canada online and in some cases getting more individual instruction. Bottom line if you need somewhere to shelter kids as parents return to work provide more daycare for essential workers and allow members of the community who wish to volunteer to run these organizations. If you were to do this you would be providing options to all and not forcing any parent, student, staff or teacher to make this difficult choice. We want to flatten the curb. We want to help! We recognize that reality is that the virus is not as deadly with kids but that does not protect them from being carriers and spreading it to our vulnerable populations. Nor is there any scientific research definitely proving they will not become infected or seriously ill. Everyone agrees on one thing and that is social distancing will be around for awhile possibly to fall or longer. This is impossible at elementary and day cares for instance. How do you expect teachers and staff to keep children 6 feet apart at recess, lunch or any ordinary class. it is not realistic. Many schools lack supplies such as Kleenex, hand sanitizers and other necessary supplies to conquer this virus. Not to mention a lack of time to properly set up our schools to protect all. Limited space, bathrooms and personnel ex. Janitors are also limited. Our schools already lack proper maintenance, some of the older buildings contain lead and asbestos,  time for sanitation is limited and teachers are lacking proper ressources To contain this virus. If we give parents the option to send kids back to school what is going to happen next year when 75%of the students did not return or review any materials provided. Start everyone on the same page. Use grades feom Term 1 and 2 and five parents a break. The pressure being put on students in high school, parents of high school children at risk, elementary stidents and staff is outrageous. Fact- We have not flattened the curve. Uncertainties- Kids will be immunized naturally. No dangers to children. Do we really want to take a chance with peoples lives when we have the option to wait and plan accordingly. Look what happened in the day care in Mascouche. That may only be the tip of the iceberg!

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