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Save "The Following" 6-Part Mini-Series

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"The Following" was a television show broadcasted by FOX. On May 18th 2015 it was cancelled after 3 Seasons. I won't go into too much detail.

Fans have wanted it back ever since. Since we are sure it's not coming back on FOX we need both they're and NETFLIXs attention. We need FOX to sell the Syndication rights to NETFLIX.

That means NETFLIX could make it an original series meaning all seasons could be broadcast in every country the service is available in. That's right EVERY COUNTRY. We would get 3 Seasons immediately and a few months later a Semi-Season 4.

I say Semi-Season 4 because NETFLIX normally wraps up cancelled shows not picks them up altogether eg. The Killing. Arrested Development an exception. My point is. We want a mini-series more than anything. And an awesome title like "The Following Reborn" sounds great. Six 1-hour long episodes on a cool little mini-series. It would be awesome.

We need your help to make this happen. Sign this petition and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Everywhere! if you want this. We would all prefer a full series yeah, but its either this or nothing. #TheFollowingReborn

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