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Combating School Shootings with Combat Veterans

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   The recent school shooting in Florida has impacted millions of people throughout our Great Nation. The common phrase utilized to address this horrific event is "our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families". I've had it with the "thoughts and prayers"! Our children's schools are under attack and NO ONE has come forward to to initiate REAL change. Gun control and addressing mental health will not stop the immediate threats that our children face in their schools.

   Utilizing uniformed police officers in schools is a great concept, but there is usually only ONE per school. I propose utilizing plain clothed, armed, experienced, and extremely capable Combat Veterans to embed in our children's schools to provide protection against the armed maniacs who wish to take our children from us. After 9/11, plain clothed Air Marshals were assigned to protect us against terrorists. Since then, there have been no hijackings of US planes. The same concept applies to American Schools. These murderers choose schools because they are Soft Targets. The schools are easy to access, have ineffective security measures in place, and no means to eliminate serious threats. Combat Veterans are highly trained, experienced, and more than capable to take the fight to those who wish to terrorize our children. Let Combat Veterans do what we do best, watch over our most precious of treasures. Our children. Our future.   


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