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Traderathome, otherwise known as TAH or Professior TAH, is very important to the trading community that utilizes a trading system that goes by the name of Sonic R System. He teaches a number of novice traders, and those that are more experienced, on how to develop and improve their skills as traders using the Sonic R System. The Sonic R System method & teachings are contained in a thread, within a forum, on the online forex trading website called Forex Factory. The Sonic R System thread alone is one of the most popular within the Forex Factory site and has received over 80,000 posts since its conception. A number of traders follow this particular thread each and everyday, which is monitored, organised, updated and policed to some extent by TAH in order that the information contained within it is kept clear, concise unambiguous and free from interference. TAH also has a large input in developing and updating the software files used in order to make the system function properly within the trading platform, Metatrader, so that Sonic R System traders are able to successfully implement the Sonic R System strategy themselves. Without TAH's much needed presence & input within the community, the thread will undoubtedly become a free for all, with the information contained within perhaps becoming lost or distorted to the point where the thriving Sonic R community may die a slow death, metaphorically speaking. TAH is very much needed to ensure a strong and lasting future for the Sonic R community of traders. We hope Forex Factory will reconsider their position in a timely manner regarding TAH's temporary suspension and we kindly ask that they reinstate TAH with immediate effect.


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