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Gir National Park and Greater Gir facing frequent deaths of Asiatic lions. In last 3 months almost 30 lion deaths were reported officially while locals believes its almost 70 in total with some unreported deaths. Under SAVE ASIATIC LION complain we have lodged A written complain with The Prime Minister of India, The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Gujarat Forest Department and The Leader of Opposition regarding the deaths of Asiatic lions but till date we got no reply from any officials. 

CCF Junagadh given an information that most of the lions died with different circumstances like a disease  named "Babesia", Infighting, Falling into open wells and snake bites. Due to positive efforts of  SAVE ASIATIC LION campaign a team of three people from higher authorities came from Delhi to investigate the deaths of lions in Gir Forest area and lashed out at the forest department over the huge number of deaths. In 2018, 30 lions died due to the "Canine Distemper" virus. However, the forest department does not currently test Canine Distemper virus on lion's feces, urine and blood samples. Under the SAVE ASIATIC LION campaign we are making positive efforts to save The Asiatic Lions who are the pride of the country.