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For our children and grandchildren: Promote legislation and agendas to fight climate change

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To my children and future grandchildren:
I am sorry.  The actions of my generation have left a mess for your generation to deal with.  Actually several problems come to mind, but by far the most important is the scourge of climate change.  By the time you read this, the world will be a much different place than when I was young.  Much more inhospitable to live in, and getting worse.
But I want you to know that although there wasn't much we could do as individuals to stop climate change in our time, we still had a choice.  A choice to either stand by and do nothing, or stand up and be counted.  I signed a petition that stated that I recognize the problem of human-induced climate change, and this petition was sent to leaders of our country who could make a difference through policy or legislation.  It might seem like a little thing, but in our time when special interest groups have tried to obfuscate and use climate change denial to further their own agenda, those of us who cared about the future decided to act.  I hope things are a little better for you now than than they could have been.  And that maybe our actions made a difference soon enough to start a reversal of the trend of global warming.
To the recipients of this petition: you are in a position of governmental authority.  In such a time as this, we need you to speak for all of us and do whatever is in your power to reverse the trend of climate change.  Whether this is through policy such as carbon credits or supporting alternative energy, or countering legislation by climate change deniers, you can make a difference.  Our children and grandchildren will thank you.

In summary, I want my children and grandchildren to be able to see this petition in the future and know by seeing my name here, I cared about them and did something to help make their future a better place.  If you would like to do the same and help our future generations, please sign this petition!

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